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eCustomer Relationship Management
We are developing a web based Platform from which workgroups can easily create unlimited applications to improve business process and automate collaboration.

Electronic Customer Relationship Management is a means to identify, acquire and retain customers. By providing means to manage and coordinate customer interactions, CRM helps companies maximize the value of every customer and in turn improve corporate performance.

Electronic CRM concerns all forms of managing relationships with customers making use of Information Technology. ECRM uses Information Technology to integrate internal organization resources and external marketing strategies to understand and fulfill their customer’s needs.

IRIS INFO’s ECRM Application which is the fastest, easiest & most flexible way to manage your customer & sales data – regardless of size, location or Industry. Our applications solve critical business problems because they can be customized to fit the exact CRM workflow that you need.

With this application, we provide a complete view of customer interactions across departments providing information and facilities for better planning, managing and forecasting. Tools we are using will create a chance to increase sales, reach out to more profitable customers and anticipate customer needs. Our product offers flexible access, deployment and payment options to address your business requirements.
Lead Management
The Lead Manager is an integrated, additional module within WorkflowMax allowing you to track your leads, sales pipeline and proposals in one place.

The dashboard provides you with a real time overview of your sales pipeline, see which leads are hot, and who in the sales team is performing. A complete contact history is stored for each lead, so you can quickly see when you last talked and what was discussed.

Use Activities to create reminders on when to next make contact, and integrate your dates through to your calendar so you never miss a followup call again.

When a lead is won it is automatically converted into a job, eliminating any double handling and completing your business process from pre-sales, to closing a deal, managing the job and finally integration through to your accounting system.
Management Dashboard - View a real time overview of your current sales pipeline
Integrated Quoting - Create and manage your quotes directly against your leads
Eliminate double-handling - Turn 'won' leads into jobs with a single button click - completing the loop between sales and production
iCalendar Integration - View lead activities in your preferred calendar application such as Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple iCal
Collaborate - Capture all notes, documents and email correspondence against a lead
Comprehensive Reporting - Quickly and easily create management reports on your sales pipeline, won and lost leads, and sales staff performance
Salesforce Automation (SFA)
Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a purely web-based application requiring a single installation that supports your entire organization and interacts directly with the Marketing module.

Automate and monitor your inside and outside sales force with intelligent technology that combines the best features of many of today's leading products. The user-friendly web format requires limited training time, making implementation a breeze. User-defined customization is easily accomplished using onscreen tools that control fields, screens, tabs, views, and security settings. Create and update detailed opportunities that track the entire sales cycle. Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) is also available as a hosted solution for a cost-effective product that is ready to run as soon as you are.

Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) application gives businesses the upper hand with their sales data. Comprehensive and easy to customize, Adjutant empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals. With Sales Force Automation, reps spend more time selling and less time on administration. Giving the sales reps fast access to data, sales manager's visibility into activities of their reps, and executive's accurate information so they can evaluate their company's past performance while looking into the future.